ALGOL68 Legacy Data

Dick Grune

This directory contains some files from my ALGOL 68 past at the Mathematical Centre in Amsterdam (now CWI). All of them are punched card images, in differing formats.

* Revised Report on the Algorithmic Language ALGOL 68 (1975)
The text in its original, charming, totally unique and totally unexplained format.

* Frank Pagan's SNOBOL4 Interpreter in ALGOL 68 (1976)
The interpreter described in "Algol 68 as an Implementation Language for Portable Interpreters", ACM SIGPLAN Notices - Proceedings of the Strathclyde ALGOL 68 conference, Volume 12 Issue 6, June 1977, pp. 54 - 62, and "A Highly-Structured Interpreter for a SNOBOL4 Subset", Software: Practice and Experience, Vol. 9, # 4, pp. 281-312, April 1979.

* Hans van Vliet's Transput Implementation
The code, version 1.0, from 1979, as described in the author's PhD thesis.

* Test sets, each in its own format, by:
Bernard Houssais, INRIA, 1975
Paul Branquart, Brussels, 1975
Dick Grune, MC, Amsterdam, 1975

* Miscellaneous Programs
Fifty-six miscellaneous ALGOL 68 programs, covering: puzzle-solving (e.g. Pentominoes); numerical analysis (Hemker's matrix package, Line-Hopscotch Splitting, semidiscretization of initial boundary value problems, second kind Volterra integral equation, and much else); the computations for "Choosing a tag-list algorithm for a compiler with special application to the ALEPH compiler", Software: Practice and Experience, Vol. 9, # 7, pp. 575-593, July 1979; stress tests (e.g. Man or Boy); and several programs of an undetermined nature.

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